Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My Website!

Welcome to my gorgeous new look blog! Which also means that my brand spanking new and ever so gorgeous website has gone live too! A massive yay! I now have some very pretty branding, which I am over the moon with. It’s been a long time in the planning but all the hard work has finally paid off and I now have a wonderful new home on the world wide web! Our lovely customers can now order directly from the boutique on the website too. How amazing is that?! I feel like my little business has now come of age and it feels pretty amazing. Cue happy dance and celebrations! www.whimsicalwishes.co.uk

I’m filled with excitement for what the coming months will bring, I have lots of ideas to work on and things in the pipeline, including the launch of my new stationery collections, so watch this space!

I have to say a huge heartfelt thanks to the lovely Lucy Ledger for all her hard work and patience with me throughout the design process. I’m sure you will agree that she has done an amazing job! I can not recommend Lucy highly enough, she is such a talented graphic designer and a lovely person to boot! The whole process was so smooth and Lucy managed to interpret my ideas and style perfectly.

With the launch of my new website and branding, comes the relaunch of my beloved little old blog too. It's been neglected over the 18 months or so and I plan to revive it now it's had a lovely makeover. My blog is a place to share business news, new designs and products, as well as occasional daily musings, inspiration and general chit chat from my everyday life. A bit of this and a dash of that, a bit like my creations!

Thank you so much for stopping by and please feel free to let me know what you think!

Whimsically yours,

Katrina xx


Rita Gibson said...

Keeping the chic look and projecting it to your new website is a superb idea, Katrina! It will make it easier for your fans to recognize your online presence by relating your blog's design with the new website's design. Also, have I ever told you how adorable your brand's products are? Thanks for sharing that! More power to you! :)

Rita Gibson @ YEAH! Local

Rita Gibson said...
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Unknown said...

Admin, if not okay please remove!

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