Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Vintage Tea Cup Arrangements

I'm sorry for neglecting my blog from time to time, life gets so hectic sometimes, plus with more sites like Facebook and Twitter to update too, it can all be a bit time consuming and those sites usually win as they are quick to update/post on etc. However I vow to post on here more often as I've had my little blog for four years now and it's where it all started. I love posting on here and following others on their blogs too.I love the fact that I can go into more detail on here.

I wanted to share with you my latest creation, something that was a year in the making, it had been on my do do list for quite a while and I'd had to play around to get it just right. It was something that I thought of whilst we were on our honeymoon last year as I had lots of bits and pieces that I had collected for my brooch bouquet that were left over, plus lots of pretty vintage china from our wedding, I wanted to create something to use the pretty pieces up and for it to be something to keep. So I came up with using them to make an arrangement in a tea cup, that could be displayed on my dresser or in a china cabinet. I also thought that this would be a nice idea to make something for our Mum's to keep to remember our special day by and for it to tie in with my bouquet.

Here is the first one I created, in a tea cup that was used on our wedding day and complete with the sentiment from our wedding invitations. I was really pleased with how it turned out. I even managed to use some of the surplus material that we had brought to make the bridesmaid accessories with, that was the same as their dresses. I made some fabric rosette style flowers to put in there.

I then could not wait to make another, so decided on a different colour scheme for this one. I used lots of vintage findings in this from a recent trip to Greenwich Market. It is made almost entirely of authentic vintage pieces. I love some of the buttons in this piece!

I have since decided to make these to sell and have had quite a few ordered as Christmas gifts, so I will have lots more of these to share over coming weeks. I am enjoying collecting pretty china and vintage pieces to use in my arrangements and have so many more ideas for variations, I can't get my fingers working fast enough!!

However on a more sober note, I have had some issues over the last 6 months with my designs being copied by someone who was a customer, who brought a bouquet from me to then see how it was made and start her own business copying them. It lead to me seeking legal advice as when I politely pointed out an infringement on my copyright the person got quite nasty. I then decided to let it lie, if we went in our separate directions. However it appears that this has not happened! I first posted my tea cup arrangement on my Facebook page to then days later the same appear on hers. I would not have minded but this person had not crafted before this, so it is quite obvious she has no design ideas of her own prior to this otherwise she would have made her own bouquet in the first place. I have mentioned this on my Facebook page so I don't want to dwell on it any longer but it just leads me on to say that I am over the moon if I inspire others, however I do not permit direct copying of my designs without prior permission and never for business or commercial use. I know I am not the only person creating this type of thing but I strive to and pride myself in coming up with my own designs and ideas. I was not aware of any other tea cup arrangements out there. I've been overwhelmed with the support shown to me and the lovely comments about my work etc, which has really cheered me up after such a horrible situation. 

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, your visits and comments always brighten my day! Famous last words I know but I'll be back soon!