Saturday, 21 July 2012

Distressed Dresser

One of the projects I was working on whilst I was MIA from posting on here was redoing our pine dresser and TV unit that are in our living room. It was something that I have been wanting to do for ages!!! I had the Annie Sloan chalk paint sitting there waiting patiently! As we live in a little cottage it's hard to find furniture that fits in the little nooks and crannies! My Mother in Law kindly gave us these pieces of furniture when we moved in, they were stored in their garage and as we were going for a country look they said we could have them. They fitted perfectly plus saved us some pennies, as it was expensive buying everything for our first home etc. They were good quality too, Marks and Spencer's no less. I loved putting all my bits and pieces on display on the dresser.

Although I still loved these pieces I felt that after a few years of having them like this that we needed a change and instead of hunting for pieces that would fit I decided I would have a go at painting and distressing them. We have lots of shabby chic, distressed style pieces already, so this would fit in perfectly if all went well. I was hoping that it would give our living room a face lift without spending a fortune and redecorating completely! 

I was a little nervous, I did not want to ruin them!! I'd only had a tiny bit of practice when I did my tea trolley. However on a rare sunny day in June I thought this is it, now or never, I have a bit of free time and the sun is out, so I cracked open the tin of paint and got to work. 
I must say that I really enjoyed this project and was really pleased with the results. It has given the furniture a new lease of life and has brightened up our living room no end. 

Here was the dresser before......

 Here is the after.....

I've since distressed under all the handles slightly so it appears as through they have worn the paint off over time, a little tip my Dad had picked up off the net! It's taking a bit of self control not to paint everything with this paint, it really is fab and easy to use and comes in some lovely colours. I can't wait for my next painting/distressing project now! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Young love!

Hello again!! Sorry it's been a while! After a very busy few months working on orders etc, I decided to have a few weeks out to catch up with some of my own projects and growing to do list! Also just to get a bit of me time and to spend some time catching up with family and friend etc. I do have some things to share though! So thought I'd better get back to it! I have a busy few weeks ahead working on some on the day stationery for my lovely bridal couples. I can't wait to have that done and on its way to them, then once their big days are here I'll be able to share some photos with you all.

I was asked by my very sweet 16 year old cousin, if I could make him a corsage for his girlfriend for him to give her to wear to their school prom! How cute is that!! He had seen my bouquet at our wedding and thought of this himself, ahhhh!

I had not made anything like this before but it was something I had on my list of things to have a go at and so I decided now was the time for a challenge. Her dress was going to be pink and the rest was up to me!
Here's what I came up with!

I'm glad to say that they loved it and were very pleased ! I was quite pleased with it as a first attempt, I plan to make some more now when I get chance as I really enjoyed making it! I may even make one to wear myself!

Apologies for not stopping by or commenting on many of your wonderful blogs lately but hopefully I will stop by and say hi soon!

Oh to be 16 again, lol!