Monday, 19 March 2012

Wonderful Mum's

Thank you for your lovely comments about my latest bouquet, they made me SMILE! I thought I would share a pic of the card I made my wonderful mum for Mother's day. I made the flower using peony dies and vintage sewing patterns and book pages, I love the fluffiness of it! I think you will be seeing more of these :)

Supplies: Stamps - Papertrey Ink, Dies - Spellbinders and Papertrey Ink, felt, buttons and twine - Papertrey Ink, ribbon, gem and doily from my stash.

I hope all you mum's out there had a lovely day and were spoilt rotten! I had a lovely day with my mum, dad and sister. I love my mum so much, she really is amazing, a best friend, advisor, supporter, nurse, rock and cheerleader for my sister and I. She does so much for us. We really are so blessed. Thanks for all you do for us Mum! I really don't know how I would have got things done last year in the run up to our wedding without her. Also thanks to Adrian's mum for being such a lovely Mum and Mother in Law, we are seeing her later in the week as Adrian had to work all weekend, which is rare but typical that it fell on Mother's day weekend.

Hope your week is off to a great start.



sassy said...

hi sweetie what a beautifully...superb creative card especially for your she loved it ..even more because you made it with love you are so blessed having your mom around and she is so bleseed with a caring lovely daughter i miss my darling mum so much so im not a great fan of moms it was one of her faourite times spring approaching and she got spoilt rotton..but she always got spoilt and as head of my family like you she was my rock my best friend my world when things got tough she brought me through ..the laughter the tears the good and the bad and my blog is dedicated to her memory hugs & love sassyxxxx sorry for waffling on ..

Stephanie said...

Beautiful, beautiful card - your Mum sounds like an think she's amazing now, wait until you have kids of your own! I've always loved my mum but now I worship her lol xxx p.s. the bouquet is breathtaking - I think you've started a new wedding trend!