Sunday, 26 February 2012


I made these shabby chic style notepads for the lovely ladies at Sposa Bridalwear, which is a gorgeous wedding gown boutique a stones throw from our little cottage. I literally get to drool over the stunning dresses in the window on a daily basis! I can think of worse views ;)

The little story behind my dress! I got my dress before we had even set a date to get married!! We had been engaged just under two years when I found it, or rather my mum did!! We were doing up our new home for 4-5 months prior to moving in and one day on the way back from buying tile grout or something else equally as exciting from B & Q, my mum says to me there is a beautiful dress in the shop over there. Me - we are not getting married yet, no point in looking. Mum - a look in the window won't hurt. Me - go on then. Well it was gorgeous, just the sort of dress I'd imagined me having, in fact if I could draw, I would have drew something very similar from my minds eye. However I was adamant that there was no point, we had spent all our money on buying our first home etc and it would be a while yet before we got married. The looking in the window turned into going in to see how much it was, which turned into me trying it on!!!! I know my mum can be persuasive when she wants to be, lol. Between her and Sue, the lovely lady in the shop, I was talked into seeing what it looked like on. I felt completely unattractive as I'd been running around getting decorating supplies all day!!

Well once it was on, I fell in love with it, it was the One as they say. When I was told it was being discontinued later in the year, I was faced with a tricky decision! My mum kindly said that her and my dad would pay for it if I wanted it. I was not sure what to do! I went back with my sister and Adrian's mum in tow to try it on again and see what they thought, this time it was Fay that helped us in the shop and she helped me in making my decision. My family loved it!! So that was it, it was ordered in feb 2009 and arrived Nov 2009 and we didn't get married until Sept 2011. thank goodness it still fitted, even though I had gained a few pounds since then!! I loved my dress and felt fantastic on the day. It had a vintage look to it that I had been after, I adored the sparkly brooch and the lace detail and edging to the bottom as well as the beading etc. I could wear it stapless or halterneck and had not decided on this until the day. I did not want to take it off at the end of the evening!!

Fay, Sue and Natalie (the seamstress) were so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and it was always a treat going to Sposa for fittings etc, their shop is beautiful. Their advise and expertise was much appreciated. Natalie did an amazing job with the alterations, she literally had to pick the lace off the bottom of the dress, take it up and then sew it back on again!! A mammoth task. I can't recommend them highly enough. I was so pleased that I took the gamble and ordered the dress. It will be treasured forever.

The lovely wire hanger in the photo was from Etsy, a fab seller called My Amber Coloured World. Oh how I love Etsy! I also got my gorgeous lace trimmed veil from Sposa and my necklace was a present from my mum and sister also from there, they do beautiful one off pieces.

So sorry if anyone is completely bored with the wedding stories. I promise I've got other things to share too! I just wanted to mention and thank these lovely ladies, after all the dress is a big deal to any bride!

I'm also so pleased to be given the opportunity by Faye to make a brooch bouquet for the shop, such a great way for potential customers to see my work and try it out with their dress! I am now working on this one and have recently completed an order for another customer, so I will have some more pics of these to share very soon! I've got so much going on at the moment, all good, lots of exciting news to share!

Hope you are having a great weekend.


sassy said...

hi katrins

what a lovely story on your dress it looks amazing now wonder you wanted never to take it off..its so gorgeous and i love lace and blingy bits too..looked at your honeymoon piccis whilst haviing a wander through your all looked fab and must say i loved your spotty dress...and guess what i love spots too ..on designs and not on my face lol!!!hugs sassyx

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Your dress is so beautiful Katrina. I've had a look at your vintage inspired bouquets too and they are stunning.
Best wishes, Clare x

Stephanie said...

How could we ever be bored of your wedding stories? Each one is more delightful than the's definitely true when they say 'you just know' when you find the right dress!! I think you are the queen of shabby chic :) x

Grace Bend said...

Hi Katrina
i absoloutely love your dress! It looked lovely on you at the wedding :-)
I love the hanger to!

Beckie x said...

Sounds like you are doing so well with your little business!
Your bouquets are beautiful, x

Tab said...

Beautiful dress and I love the hanger, such a lovely keepsake!
Hugs Tab xxx

ribenaruby said...

Katrina your dress looks fabulous, great post..loved reading how it came about to be for your special day! Ruby x

angelwhispers said...

Just so love reading about your Wedding and all the prep!! Your Mum has a fantastic eye this was the most perfect choice for you and Wow didn't you look gorgeous! Chanelle xxx