Thursday, 23 February 2012

Our Amazing Honeymoon

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about our wedding invitations! I was beaming ear to ear after reading them, so pleased you liked them too. I have had lots of enquiries about that design which is keeping me busy and is very exciting! I spoke too soon on my last post when I said I was starting to feel better as I ended up with a stinking cold and felt dreadful, hence my absence last week. Thankfully it has cleared up now! So I thought I would share some pics of sunnier climes! If you click on the photo below it will take you to our Picasa web album, but be warned there are over 350 photos!! It took an age to download them and I haven't got around to adding captions etc yet, hopefully I will get chance to do that soon.

We have such wonderful memories of our amazing trip to California for our honeymoon. We loved it there, so much to see and do, nice places to relax too, we had a wonderful time. We knew that we didn't want to jet off to some exotic beach for two weeks, don't get me wrong they look beautiful and I'm sure we would love it, but just not for a long period of time, we like the choice of having different things to do, I like to relax as much as the next person but as I'm usually on the go, I find it too much doing this for a prolonged period, so we want to go somewhere where we could either do things or do nothing!! A choice of sightseeing, beaches or pool, shopping, attractions, eating out etc and as we love America, it was a no brainer! We hadn't been to California before, so that's where we choose to go and boy was it the right choice!

We went for 17 nights, we got married on Friday 9th September and flew out on the Monday. As we have lived together for a while we had everything we needed and were so lucky as our family and friends had given us dollars and money for wedding presents which meant that we could stay at some lovely hotels and had plenty of money to see us through our trip. Thank you to you all, you are the best!! We were so lucky to have had some lovely presents too. Everyone really did spoil us.

Our Amazing Honeymoon! Picasa Web album.

We covered many places on our Road trip, we flew into San Francisco, where we stayed at The Huntingdon Hotel for three nights, then we went to Monterey for a night, we then travelled down the beautiful and picturesque Highway One, where the scenery took our breath away, simply stunning! We then stayed at the gorgeous Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Opisbo for a night (not long enough in my opinion as it was a lovely homely place to stay, with fantastic decor, food and a fab gift shop), but we needed to head to L.A as Adrian had booked tickets at the L.A Galaxy game to see Beckham play (I ask you I can't even get away from football even on my honeymoon, lol, it earned me Brownie points though!!). We stayed in Anaheim for four nights. We went to the Hollywood Hills, Walk of Fame, the shopping malls, the beach and Downtown Disney, we ate out at some lovely places and celebrated my 30th Birthday there! I know I was a lucky girl, also meant that I got to be 29 for a few more hours due to the time difference ;) I was lucky enough to have everyone club together for a digital SLR camera I had wanted for a long time for my main birthday present, so I was able to snap away whilst we were there.

We then travelled to San Diego for four nights and visited Coronado Beach, La Jolla and Solana beach. We also went to the design district in Solana Beach called Cedros Ave, where there were thrift stores, boutiques and one of a kind shops a plenty, I absolutely loved it but was so frustrated I couldn't bring all the gorgeous pieces I saw home!!

We then headed to Las Vegas for the final leg of our trip for four nights, staying at The Four Seasons on the first night, then at The Bellagio. We saw a show whilst there and enjoyed the Razzmatazz! We met up with friends of ours on our last night there and had a fab time!

We met some lovely people, saw some amazing sites, drank lots of Champagne, shopped till we dropped, relaxed when we needed to and ate out a lot ( no cooking for three weeks was bliss!!). We will never forget our adventure and how fortunate we are to have seen so many beautiful places.

Needless to say that we were sad when we had to come home, but happy to have had the time of our lives at our wedding and on our honeymoon! It was great to see our family again once we were home and return to our normal lives as husband and wife!



Stephanie said...

I nearly screamed when I saw your (amazing) honeymoon photos because we did San Francisco - Hawaii - LA for ours!!!! Isn't Las Vegas outrageous?!! We stayed at the Bellagio(our last child-free holiday because I actually conceived in the Bellagio after a Celine Dion concert - TMI? LOL) so I know you didn't spare any expense ;) I'd say a perfect wedding followed by a dream honeymoon - one to talk about definitely :) x

bonnie said...

Oh wow it all looks so amazing both look fabulous!! Sounds like you had the time of your lives and made some wonderful memories to treasure forever! ;) TFS!!!!! Hugs x

ribenaruby said...

Lovely memories for you both, thanks for sharing your amazing time! Ruby x

Mona L. Pendleton said...

What beautiful photos Katrina! Looks like you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing your experience with us :)

angelwhispers said...

Katrina what amazing photo's of your Honeymoon just so green with envy its looks so beautiful and you both look so happy what beautiful memories you will be able to share with these lovely pictures! Hope you have time to scrap them although there is an awful lot!! lol Chanelle xxx

Kerry said...

Hi Katrina,

OMG your honeymoon looks amazing and it's so nice that you celebrated your 30th Birthday while you was out there.

You had the perfect wedding and honeymoon!

Love Kerry xxx

Ted said...

Katrina! You were in my neck of the woods. :) You both look very happy and relaxed. California will do that to the visitors. We natives? That's another story. Maybe we take it for granted? ;) The traffic doesn't help either. ;) In any case, I'm glad you both had a safe, wonderful trip. Hope you come back soon. And if you both make it to the South SF Bay Area, coffee's on me. :)