Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Shabby Birthday!

It's been a while since I just shared a card, so here is a shabby chic birthday card I made for my lovely friend Debbie. I used some of the gorgeous Melissa Frances 5th Avenue papers, one of her resin frames and a resin rose. I absolutely love everything in her range of crafting goodies!! I also used a cameo, gems, mini peg and pin from my stash, Papertrey Ink tiny tags stamp set and dies, Papertrey Ink Love Lives here butterfly die, Parisian Lace doily die and double ended banner die, some seam binding, heart lace applique and vintage lace.

I also covered a jumbo clothes peg to pin to the gift bag! I used the same papers, a rose cameo, felt heart, pearls and lace on there. I thought it would make a cute memo holder afterwards. I must say I like these big pegs and will be making more :)

Thank you for dropping by, I really do appreciate your visits and comments :)



Monday, 27 February 2012

Brooch Bouquet

I thought it was about time I moved on to some other posts, lots to catch up on, I have got a few other bits and pieces to share that are related to our wedding but I'll give you all a break for a bit. Don't want you thinking I'm obsessed now do we ;)

Well here is the first brooch bouquet that I have completed for a lovely customer who is getting married later this year! I really enjoyed making it and I was pleased with how it turned out, thankfully so was my customer!! It's a wonderful feeling being involved in other peoples special days, even in such a small way, they are the happiest of occasions!

My lovely customer asked for brooches, sparkle, pearls, cream and ivory colours. Here are some photos I took before delivering it to the bride to be.

I can't wait to make more of these. I really do enjoy seeing them take shape and come together. Lots of ideas for future ones too! Really looking forward to starting my next one for Sposa as soon as I've finished some samples for some wedding stationery customers.

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have had a good start to the week!

Sunday, 26 February 2012


I made these shabby chic style notepads for the lovely ladies at Sposa Bridalwear, which is a gorgeous wedding gown boutique a stones throw from our little cottage. I literally get to drool over the stunning dresses in the window on a daily basis! I can think of worse views ;)

The little story behind my dress! I got my dress before we had even set a date to get married!! We had been engaged just under two years when I found it, or rather my mum did!! We were doing up our new home for 4-5 months prior to moving in and one day on the way back from buying tile grout or something else equally as exciting from B & Q, my mum says to me there is a beautiful dress in the shop over there. Me - we are not getting married yet, no point in looking. Mum - a look in the window won't hurt. Me - go on then. Well it was gorgeous, just the sort of dress I'd imagined me having, in fact if I could draw, I would have drew something very similar from my minds eye. However I was adamant that there was no point, we had spent all our money on buying our first home etc and it would be a while yet before we got married. The looking in the window turned into going in to see how much it was, which turned into me trying it on!!!! I know my mum can be persuasive when she wants to be, lol. Between her and Sue, the lovely lady in the shop, I was talked into seeing what it looked like on. I felt completely unattractive as I'd been running around getting decorating supplies all day!!

Well once it was on, I fell in love with it, it was the One as they say. When I was told it was being discontinued later in the year, I was faced with a tricky decision! My mum kindly said that her and my dad would pay for it if I wanted it. I was not sure what to do! I went back with my sister and Adrian's mum in tow to try it on again and see what they thought, this time it was Fay that helped us in the shop and she helped me in making my decision. My family loved it!! So that was it, it was ordered in feb 2009 and arrived Nov 2009 and we didn't get married until Sept 2011. thank goodness it still fitted, even though I had gained a few pounds since then!! I loved my dress and felt fantastic on the day. It had a vintage look to it that I had been after, I adored the sparkly brooch and the lace detail and edging to the bottom as well as the beading etc. I could wear it stapless or halterneck and had not decided on this until the day. I did not want to take it off at the end of the evening!!

Fay, Sue and Natalie (the seamstress) were so friendly and helpful throughout the whole process and it was always a treat going to Sposa for fittings etc, their shop is beautiful. Their advise and expertise was much appreciated. Natalie did an amazing job with the alterations, she literally had to pick the lace off the bottom of the dress, take it up and then sew it back on again!! A mammoth task. I can't recommend them highly enough. I was so pleased that I took the gamble and ordered the dress. It will be treasured forever.

The lovely wire hanger in the photo was from Etsy, a fab seller called My Amber Coloured World. Oh how I love Etsy! I also got my gorgeous lace trimmed veil from Sposa and my necklace was a present from my mum and sister also from there, they do beautiful one off pieces.

So sorry if anyone is completely bored with the wedding stories. I promise I've got other things to share too! I just wanted to mention and thank these lovely ladies, after all the dress is a big deal to any bride!

I'm also so pleased to be given the opportunity by Faye to make a brooch bouquet for the shop, such a great way for potential customers to see my work and try it out with their dress! I am now working on this one and have recently completed an order for another customer, so I will have some more pics of these to share very soon! I've got so much going on at the moment, all good, lots of exciting news to share!

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Our Amazing Honeymoon

Thank you so much for all your lovely comments about our wedding invitations! I was beaming ear to ear after reading them, so pleased you liked them too. I have had lots of enquiries about that design which is keeping me busy and is very exciting! I spoke too soon on my last post when I said I was starting to feel better as I ended up with a stinking cold and felt dreadful, hence my absence last week. Thankfully it has cleared up now! So I thought I would share some pics of sunnier climes! If you click on the photo below it will take you to our Picasa web album, but be warned there are over 350 photos!! It took an age to download them and I haven't got around to adding captions etc yet, hopefully I will get chance to do that soon.

We have such wonderful memories of our amazing trip to California for our honeymoon. We loved it there, so much to see and do, nice places to relax too, we had a wonderful time. We knew that we didn't want to jet off to some exotic beach for two weeks, don't get me wrong they look beautiful and I'm sure we would love it, but just not for a long period of time, we like the choice of having different things to do, I like to relax as much as the next person but as I'm usually on the go, I find it too much doing this for a prolonged period, so we want to go somewhere where we could either do things or do nothing!! A choice of sightseeing, beaches or pool, shopping, attractions, eating out etc and as we love America, it was a no brainer! We hadn't been to California before, so that's where we choose to go and boy was it the right choice!

We went for 17 nights, we got married on Friday 9th September and flew out on the Monday. As we have lived together for a while we had everything we needed and were so lucky as our family and friends had given us dollars and money for wedding presents which meant that we could stay at some lovely hotels and had plenty of money to see us through our trip. Thank you to you all, you are the best!! We were so lucky to have had some lovely presents too. Everyone really did spoil us.

Our Amazing Honeymoon! Picasa Web album.

We covered many places on our Road trip, we flew into San Francisco, where we stayed at The Huntingdon Hotel for three nights, then we went to Monterey for a night, we then travelled down the beautiful and picturesque Highway One, where the scenery took our breath away, simply stunning! We then stayed at the gorgeous Apple Farm Inn in San Luis Opisbo for a night (not long enough in my opinion as it was a lovely homely place to stay, with fantastic decor, food and a fab gift shop), but we needed to head to L.A as Adrian had booked tickets at the L.A Galaxy game to see Beckham play (I ask you I can't even get away from football even on my honeymoon, lol, it earned me Brownie points though!!). We stayed in Anaheim for four nights. We went to the Hollywood Hills, Walk of Fame, the shopping malls, the beach and Downtown Disney, we ate out at some lovely places and celebrated my 30th Birthday there! I know I was a lucky girl, also meant that I got to be 29 for a few more hours due to the time difference ;) I was lucky enough to have everyone club together for a digital SLR camera I had wanted for a long time for my main birthday present, so I was able to snap away whilst we were there.

We then travelled to San Diego for four nights and visited Coronado Beach, La Jolla and Solana beach. We also went to the design district in Solana Beach called Cedros Ave, where there were thrift stores, boutiques and one of a kind shops a plenty, I absolutely loved it but was so frustrated I couldn't bring all the gorgeous pieces I saw home!!

We then headed to Las Vegas for the final leg of our trip for four nights, staying at The Four Seasons on the first night, then at The Bellagio. We saw a show whilst there and enjoyed the Razzmatazz! We met up with friends of ours on our last night there and had a fab time!

We met some lovely people, saw some amazing sites, drank lots of Champagne, shopped till we dropped, relaxed when we needed to and ate out a lot ( no cooking for three weeks was bliss!!). We will never forget our adventure and how fortunate we are to have seen so many beautiful places.

Needless to say that we were sad when we had to come home, but happy to have had the time of our lives at our wedding and on our honeymoon! It was great to see our family again once we were home and return to our normal lives as husband and wife!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

Beautiful Birdcages

I'm starting to feel a bit better thankfully, lots to catch up with now! Thank you to those of you who left comments on my last two posts about our handmade wedding presents from my Dad and sister, it was nice to tell them what you thought of their work :) At last I have managed to photograph our wedding invitations, just before I lost the daylight today!

I must admit I felt under immense pressure, only from myself I might add to produce some lovely invitations as most of our guests knew that I make cards and enjoyed crafting, I had even made some of our friends wedding invites and the fact that I had started a small wedding stationery business meant they needed to be good. I had so many ideas and found it hard to decide,but when it came down to it I knew what I really wanted to include. I knew I wanted to incorporate birdcages into our wedding invitations as we were having them as our centre pieces along with some tea light candelabras. I'm absolutely besotted with birdcages, I don't know why, but I am. I think it's their elegant, romantic, vintage appeal. I do love a birdie too! I also knew I wanted to include a doily, some bunting, bling, pearls and one of my favourite quotes. It was just a matter of how I was going to put all this together. I wanted them to be vintage/shabby chic inspired in soft colours. Therefore crinkled, dyed seam binding and a vintage sheet music background with distressed edges would go perfectly, so I then had my base, it was then just a question of adding the many other elements I wanted to include. This is what I came up with.....

I was really pleased with how they turned out. I love the quote we used, it is from the Papertrey Ink set, Out on a Limb sentiments, there are some beautiful quotes in that set, definitely one of my all time favourite sentiment sets. I feel the invitations reflected all the elements of our day and fitted our vintage theme. We didn't really have a set colour scheme, I wasn't really sure how it would all go together but just hoped that it would on the day! We presented them in boxes with tissue paper and they were tied up with seam binding, on the ones for immediate family and some of the bridal party I also used a brooch on the boxes.

They took forever to make, they were very time consuming and fiddly indeed, but I loved making our wedding stationery myself, it was a once in a lifetime mission afterall :) Therefore it was worth all the many hours spent, a big thank you to my family and friends that helped with some of the production line, you are all stars and they would have been simplified somewhat without your help. You know who you are, love you all so much!! All our family and friends loved them, we had so many wonderful comments. I wanted them to be little surprises wrapped up in those boxes that gave our guests a taste of what was to come. I think I just about managed to pull that off, however, they were very late being sent out due to one thing or another, thank goodness we had sent save the dates! All is well that ends well though!

I want to photograph the whole stsionery suite etc together as I've seen it done on some of the wedding blogs and it looks fab, so if I get around to doing that I'll post a pic of it all together.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you are having a lovely weekend.



Thursday, 9 February 2012

A stitch in time.....

Sorry I've not been on here as often this past week, I have sinusitis, I think this cold weather is to blame and I also have a muscle in spasm in my back, so haven't been feeling very good at all! It's been playing up since New Year and I finally gave in and went to the doctors (us nurses make the worst patients!) and thankfully the painkillers she has given me have helped to ease it!

Thank you for the comments about my Dad's tree, my mum showed him and they made his day. Enjoying crafts runs in the family as my sister loves cross stitch and baking, and my mum knits and crochets. I showed you my sisters cakes on a previous post, today I wanted to share another of our amazing wedding presents, that was made by my sister, Natalie. It is a cross stitch of a bride and groom and has our names and wedding date embroidered underneath, it is such a beautiful piece of work, we absolutely love it and were again so touched by the effort and care taken to make it for us. It will always have pride of place in our home. We need to get it reframed as it needs to be stretched properly, but it was in this pretty frame as she was doing it right up until the wedding bless her. I like the frame and will put a picture in it afterwards. My sister had placed it on our cake table for us to see when we went into the wedding breakfast. I have only done small cross stitches in the past so can only imagine the work and patience that went into this. Thank you so much Nat, you are a star! I definitely think she has a talent for cross stitch, she has done some gorgeous ones.

Thank you for dropping by and for any comments you may leave, again I will show my sister if you do as it will be a great confidence boost for her. Why do we always criticise our own work, lol!!

I'll hopefully be back soon with the wedding invitations, still need to photograph them!


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Our Wedding Tree

I was completely blown away when my Dad made this for us as an extra special little wedding present, I actually cried I was so touched and overwhelmed! It was so thoughtful, so original and unique and so much work and effort. We will truly cherish this forever, we love it and it has pride of place on our mantel piece. I really do have such a talented Dad. He always criticises his work and doubts himself, which really frustrates me as I feel he has a real gift. Thank you Dad for all you do for us and for this amazing present.

It is a wedding tree and has our names and the date we were married, as well as our parents and their wedding dates and our siblings on there. So a special family keepsake. I love the in twined hearts on the top and leaf print. This was completely handmade and I think it was such a wonderful idea and design. Especially as it was the first time he had done anything like this!

I really am always excited to see what my dad comes up with in his workshop, he is making the most adorable hand painted egg cups at the moment.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I'd really really appreciate that if you like this you would take the time to leave a comment, so that I can show my Dad and he may then stop doubting himself!!

Some of these photographs are courtesy of the lovely Theresa Furey, who I met at the last wedding fair I did, her photography of my Dad's tree (that's my friend Cheryl holding the tree) and my stand and the fair in general was amazing. I'll be sharing some more on here about that very soon!