Saturday, 28 January 2012

My pink typewriter.......

I almost forgot to share a pic of my gorgeous pink typewriter!! When I saw these out there on the net, I knew I wanted one, I had loved my typewriter when I was little, but it wasn't pink!! A vintage display piece that is pretty but also functional, what's not to love!

I searched high and low for a pastel coloured one, raw as rocking horse poop here in the UK to say the least. Then I found one on Ebay and it was going to be mine.........a last minute bidding war ensued but I missed it my an inch as my computer froze on the last refresh press......NO!!! Why didn't I just put a much higher bid on it in the first place, I kicked myself. Adrian told me I would find another one, I knew that was slim. I was in a bit of a sulk I must admit, I was nursing my whiplash injury and a bit peeved that my car had been written off, so was hoping I'd win this to cheer me up. So I sent the seller a message to say that if the highest bidder changed their mind would she please consider contacting me as I really wanted it for a prop/guest book alternative at our wedding. A LONG SHOT!! Well the lady kindly contacted me straight away to say that her friend was bringing another one over from America in the next two weeks for her to sell and would I be interested in that one, would I ever!!!

So I am now the proud owner of this pretty piece. One day it will sit in my craft room/studio too! I had intended to have this there for guests to type a message on if they wanted to instead of writing in the guest book. However in my infinite wisdom I left it out to look at and the ribbon dried out!! Well if the item itself was rare, then the ribbons are just as much so, so I decided to have it as a prop on our guest book table. I suppose that saved the kiddos pounding it with their sticky mitts too, he he. We decorated this table with some photos of us as children and a framed message to our family and friends. This is where everyone left all our lovely cards and gifts, everyone was so generous, we were overwhelmed and couldn't believe how long it took us to open them all. We were very lucky newly weds indeed!

Just to give you a giggle this is me and the hubs as little 'uns!

I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I'm hoping to be back with the coloured maps soon, I left it too late to get a decent photograph today, I was also silly in the fact that I forgot to ask our wonderful photographers to take some of the invitations etc! Doh!




~amy~ said...

green with envy here for your pink typewriter!

Kerry said...

Hi Katrina,

I think it was best to use this beauty as a prop instead of having those little sticky fingers on it - lol!

She will look lovely in your craft room.

Love Kerry xxx

bonnie said...

Oh this is reminds me of my pastel pink retro sewing machine....which i love! TFS! ;) Glad you got it in the end! ;) Hugs x

Stephanie said...

That little pink typewriter made my heart skip a beat....if I ever get my own craftroom designed bespoke, I want one ! x

Ted said...

Katrina! Congrats on the pink typewriter! I don't think I've ever seen one...that is a collector's item for sure. :) You'll need to post a picture of yourself using it! ;)