Monday, 30 January 2012

Marvellous Maps!

I'm back with the post and pics of our little wedding maps. I felt I was missing out a little in designing and making my own wedding stationery, sure if was fun (although a bit stressful!!) and I loved choosing all the materials etc but I felt like there were so many pretty things out there I was missing out on a buying opportunity! lol. So when I saw a post about Hand Drawn Maps on a wedding blog, I was in love, they would compliment our stationery perfectly and I felt like I wouldn't be missing out on the buying wedding stationery bit ccompletely!! I know everyone has Sat Nav's these days but it is courtesy to include a map/directions in your invitations, especially as we had people coming from all over and some of our older relations may not have embraced this marvel of modern technology yet! I also thought it would be a lovely keepsake.

I contacted Lydia, just in time as her baby was due and was about to go on maternity leave, however she squeezed us in and produced a hand drawn map that was wonderful and included all of our little touches/theme perfectly. We were so pleased with them! Thanks Lydia, you have an unbelievable talent!

Me being me, had to make more work of the process though!! I could have had them done and printed in colour, this would cost a little more than the black and white version. So I posed the question, was it possible to colour them myself?! Lydia sent me a few samples to have a go with and they coloured beautifully. Lydia said it's a lovely idea to do them yourself but are you sure about all the work involved! I thought about it but liked the idea of colouring them myself, I find it therapeutic and thought it would be a nice personal touch!! I didn't think it would take nearly as long as it did, but it took an age!!! I managed to colour most of them though and some I just had to distress and make to look old due to lack of time as I hadn't banked on all the things that cropped up and swallowed up my time, but I stuck to it and was so pleased with how they turned out! My lovely Mum even gave it ago and helped to colour them in with me bless her, thanks Mum! I think we did over 50 of them!!!

I still had some to colour in after the wedding for us and our parents to keep, which I'm getting framed and I'll have ours pride of place because I love it and also how much work went in to colouring them, definitely a labour of love, lol! I do have the craziest ideas sometimes, delusions that I actually have a 34 instead of a 24 hour day!!!

The invitations also turned out lovely but they took forever, I'll photograph them when I can get some decent daylight as it's usually dark when I get home from work, so this may be at the weekend now!

Thank you so much for stopping by and following my little wedding story, it means the world to be able to tell it, it feels like I'm reliving it all over again! Which when it goes as quick as it did, it's only a good thing right!




Grace Bend said...

Hi Katrina!
I absoloutely love these! When you showed me the designs in the shop that time I was amazed at how lovely they were! And they look amazing coloured in, you have a lot of patience colouring that many!

Stephanie said...

WOW - the maps truly were a fabulous touch but to hand colour 50 of them?!! Got to say it made a huge difference & was very worthwhile....I'm actually sitting here all tingly - your wedding just delights me, I know you do stationery but I think you should seriously consider becoming a wedding planner because your attention to detail is second to none & you really have an eye for 'special touches'....I love weddings so reading about yours has given me so much pleasure :) xxx

Georgianna said...

Your wedding was so much fun with all the details – thanks so much for sharing. More, please!


– g