Friday, 13 January 2012

A little birdie ......

.... told me where to sit, lol! I saw this used as a table plan and had to have it, it was perfect as we had some birdcages for the tables and I planned to incorporate them into our invitations. I also thought I can use it afterwards to peg projects, cards, photos etc to, it will have pride of place when I have a craft room! (one day!).

I had lots of ideas on how to decorate it for our table plan but as this was done the night before, I decided, well had no choice really, if I wanted a few hours sleep, but to keep it simple! I therefore just printed the table plans out and mounted them onto gorgeous Tilda papers which again were perfect for our vintage, shabby chic theme theme. I think that simple was best in this instance as the birdcage and the papers did all the talking!

I did not just want to go with table numbers and had lots of ideas on what to use instead, thanks to wedding magazines and blogs but settled for something simple in the end. Our table names were inspiring and meaningful words, we choose, Love, Hope, Wish, Dream, Believe, Inspire, Honour, Cherish, Faith, Imagine and Blessings.

I had planned to do beautiful table names to place in the holders but this was one bite more than I could chew with the time I had unfortunately so they were just printed. A small regret as they would have been so pretty and another nice keepsake but in the grand scheme of things I had already made alot an
d there were lots of nice, personal touches, so it didn't matter. Just me
being a perfectioni
st! It was such a shame that I had had the car accident when I did as it put me behind with so much!

Again thanks you for your lovely comments on my last post, I really do have the nicest blogging friends :-) You are all so kind and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Plus I'll be sure to get my dad onto making some spools and will put them in my Etsy shop etc very soon. I also have a website coming soon and will be selling all sorts of lovely gifts, homeware and decor on there, I have some fab trade accounts aquired already, one with the company that made this table plan, so I will hopefully have these in the online boutique if you are interested in something to hang your craft projects on!

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Stephanie said...

You could never bore me, the only emotion I feel is envy....I want to get married again & steal all your ideas lol Your photographer is a genius, you must be thrilled with all these amazing shots! x