Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cute little spools!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post about my bouquet, so sweet of you, they really made my day :-)

I completely blame my friend Debb
ie for this one!! I wanted something a little different for our place names, something our family and friends could take home and keep if they wanted to, a momento of the day. When Debbie still owned Stampeezee, I went there for some supplies one day and she said I have something to show you, it was an issue of Somerset Life that had the most gorgeous little cotton spools, with flags on for place names! I was smitten, I had to have these on our tables, they were so cute and very in keeping with our vintage theme.

By the way if you haven't already checked out the Stampington publications, especially Somerset Life then I would highly rec
ommend them, so jam packed pull of prettiness, it will make your eyes hurt!! They will definitely inspire you, a must if you love vintage, shabby chic style crafts. I am now collecting all the back issues as well as it now being a quarterly must have. It's more of a book than a magazine.

I then searched high and low to find the right spools to no avail, they were either way too small, too big or just too expensive when you needed 90 odd of them, plus the other supplies! Then enter my wonderful and very talented Dad to the resue! He had started wood turning a few months earlier and had all the tools, so I showed him the picture in the book and he said he would see what he could do!

A few weeks later my dad then said would these do, wow, he had turned some spools for me and they were perfect, just the right size and they looked amazing. Even better to know that my Dad had made them and from a branch from a tree near their house! Being made this way meant that they all had a different individual woodgrain and colour, simply gorgeous! The only sticking point was wh
en my Dad asked how many I needed and replied 96!! Yes, we were only having a small wedding but these things esculate!! Poor Dad then set about making them, they took forever bless him, but he did it for us, so a huge thank you to my Dad for all his hard work and talent. He really is someone who can turn their hand to anything and be good at it, a true inspiration to me. Watch this space as I also have some gifts my Dad made us to show off! Sorry proud daughter moment!

Anyway once they were all turned it was then the task of figuring out how we were going to decorate them, then cue Debbie, offering her help and her house for the night to my production team of helpers! Being my mum, Auntie Janice, two of my best friends and bridesmaids, Gemma and Daniela. Debbie had us all descend on her and Pete and he even made us our dinner. A huge thank you to you both for your help and kindness and everyone else for your help and support too! I really do have the best family and friends! These spools would never have been finished otherwise, it was another down to the wire job as I had to wait for my dad to turn them first before decorating them. All very time consuming!

Debbie and I worked on these whilst everyone else helped with the order of services and favour boxes! We wired the little flags and put beads on them, then hot glue gunned them into the spools, we then attached the little card flags and viola, cute little spools just waiting for some ribbon, lace or twine to
be wrapped around and names put onto flags! Which was supposed to be a fairly quick job, I'll never think that again, it was again time consuming, I was rescued once again my my wonderful mum and sister for the ribbon/lace wrapping and Gemma for adding the names. What would I have done without you lot?!

Anyway enough of the rambling. I loved them and was so pleased another of my crazy ideas had come off! Please note that no family members or friends were harmed in this production, although they way be scarred for life or still be nursing a repeatitive strain injury, lol!!

I have quite a few spools left over and of course I can always ask Dad to do some more ;-) so you may just find some other little creations using them appearing on here soon! I may also pop some plain spools in my Etsy shop for anyone looking for some to decorate.

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Contented Caroline said...

Hi Katrina - I would love to purchase some of your little spools - they will be perfect in my craft room. Please let me know how much you want for them and I will order some off you. Your dad is a hero indeed - they're fab.

Mona L. Pendleton said...

Oh what darling little treasures! TFS :)

Stephanie said...

Your dad is amazing!! I too would buy those spools :) Sounds like you had some lovely friends on hand you lucky thing - wish I was at your wedding, it looks like the attention to detail was second to none xxx

Grace Bend said...

Hi Katrina,
I absoloutely love these! My mum and dads are sat in our craft room and they look soooo cute!
I have a new blog as wordpress confused me!! its

P.s cant wait for our craft morning!!! xxx

bonnie said...

Oh what an absolutely beautiful story of how your place names came about and what an amazingly talented Dad you have!! Wonderful and they look so adorable! ;) Hugs x