Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bouquet of dreams.............

I knew I wanted to be able to keep my bridal bouquet, I'm a sentimental girl at heart and although I love flowers, the thought of the ones I have on my wedding day wilting away was not good, however I did not want artificial flowers. I searched around the internet and came across the beautiful vintage brooch and button bouquets that were being made by many talented crafters out there. I did contemplate ordering one from a company that makes them, but there was one thing stopping me, the price tag. Not that they did not look worth it, it's just that we had a budget and were trying to stick to it, we had already added a few things that we had not budgeted for so I had second thoughts about it. Then it struck me........maybe I could make one?!?! Well why not have a go, what did I have to lose?! I googled and found some hints and tips, then found somewhere to get supplies from. I then searched antique and charity shops for some old brooches etc and started collecting bits and pieces. This was quite exciting! My mum also gave me some pieces of jewellery of hers and my Nan's to put in my bouquet which made it extra special and was a lovely way to honour my nan and feel like she was close to me on the day. My Auntie also gave me a silver shoe from here wedding cake which I wired in, it was great as these were my something old too. I wore my Nan's wedding ring on my right hand as my something borrowed and had a blue cameo in the bouquet as something blue, needless to say there were lots of new things ;-) any excuse to shop!! lol. There are also beads, buttons, little fabric flowers and gems in there as well as brooches, ribbon and lace. My mum and dad then told a friend of ours in Greece who makes jewellery about it and she kindly made me some pieces to incorporate into it, they were beautiful and gave me a good clue on how to go about wiring it together. Thanks Denise!

Then I got really busy and w
as thinking I was running out of time and maybe I'll just have to have flowers, they are beautiful after all. But I really wanted my sparkly pretty vintage bouquet to keep, so with only a few weeks to go to the day I set about wiring bits together like a mad woman! Then our lovely neighbour, an ex-florist helped me put it together into a posy shape and there I had it, my beautiful keepsake bouquet! I was so so pleased with it and couldn't wait to see how it went with my dress on the day.

I had so many admirers of my bouquet on the day and it went with my dress and accessories perfectly. I'm so pleased that I made this myself, be it with some help as it was such a nice sense of achievement and saved a lot of money too! I really enjoyed putting it together and definitely feel another hobby coming on, I have so many ideas on how to use these pretty jewels etc, thanks to Pinterest! I would love to have a go at a wreath sometime this year!

I put this on my stand at my last wedding fair as I thought I may as well offer to make these as well as my stationery and had lots of lovely comments and hav
e an order for one already! So watch this space to see more creations like this in the future. I'm like a magpie now looking out for pretty sparkly bits and vintage buttons etc on my travels and I am loving starting a collection of these.

Please see my bouquet
page in the sidebar if you are interested in ordering one of these for your wedding, as I have added some information there. Please note that these images are copyright of Source Images Photography.

My bouquet now sits pride of place on the dresser in my lounge, it brings back memories of our happy, dreamy day and will be treasured for years to come.

Thank you for stopping by, wishi
ng you a bouquet of dreams come true!


bonnie said...

Oh my gosh sweetie this is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful story of how it all came about and it all came together just before your big day....wonderful and so vintagy and a beautiful treasure, I love it!! TFS! Hugs x

Kerry said...

Hi Katrina,

I just love this idea. I got married in June 2010 and if I would have known about this I would have definately had one of these.

It is just stunning and the idea of adding treasured jewels from the family to it is just so special.

I loved my bouquet of red roses; however all I have now is photos. At the time I chose to have the bouquet placed in a water bomb so I could lay then on my Grandparents grave to make them a part of my day, but the idea of making it into a keepsake is just lovely.

Love Kerry xxx

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Very cool! love the pics! cherry

Stephanie said...

Oh my, now that's spectacular - I absolutely love it! Just been catching up on your latest posts, huge congratulations & thanks for sharing the precious photo's of your special day, what a beautiful bride & handsome groom :) x

Georgianna said...

That bouquet has to be the cutest creation I have ever seen. I will have to make one, even though I'm married. :) You did a brilliant job. Well done.