Monday, 30 January 2012

Marvellous Maps!

I'm back with the post and pics of our little wedding maps. I felt I was missing out a little in designing and making my own wedding stationery, sure if was fun (although a bit stressful!!) and I loved choosing all the materials etc but I felt like there were so many pretty things out there I was missing out on a buying opportunity! lol. So when I saw a post about Hand Drawn Maps on a wedding blog, I was in love, they would compliment our stationery perfectly and I felt like I wouldn't be missing out on the buying wedding stationery bit ccompletely!! I know everyone has Sat Nav's these days but it is courtesy to include a map/directions in your invitations, especially as we had people coming from all over and some of our older relations may not have embraced this marvel of modern technology yet! I also thought it would be a lovely keepsake.

I contacted Lydia, just in time as her baby was due and was about to go on maternity leave, however she squeezed us in and produced a hand drawn map that was wonderful and included all of our little touches/theme perfectly. We were so pleased with them! Thanks Lydia, you have an unbelievable talent!

Me being me, had to make more work of the process though!! I could have had them done and printed in colour, this would cost a little more than the black and white version. So I posed the question, was it possible to colour them myself?! Lydia sent me a few samples to have a go with and they coloured beautifully. Lydia said it's a lovely idea to do them yourself but are you sure about all the work involved! I thought about it but liked the idea of colouring them myself, I find it therapeutic and thought it would be a nice personal touch!! I didn't think it would take nearly as long as it did, but it took an age!!! I managed to colour most of them though and some I just had to distress and make to look old due to lack of time as I hadn't banked on all the things that cropped up and swallowed up my time, but I stuck to it and was so pleased with how they turned out! My lovely Mum even gave it ago and helped to colour them in with me bless her, thanks Mum! I think we did over 50 of them!!!

I still had some to colour in after the wedding for us and our parents to keep, which I'm getting framed and I'll have ours pride of place because I love it and also how much work went in to colouring them, definitely a labour of love, lol! I do have the craziest ideas sometimes, delusions that I actually have a 34 instead of a 24 hour day!!!

The invitations also turned out lovely but they took forever, I'll photograph them when I can get some decent daylight as it's usually dark when I get home from work, so this may be at the weekend now!

Thank you so much for stopping by and following my little wedding story, it means the world to be able to tell it, it feels like I'm reliving it all over again! Which when it goes as quick as it did, it's only a good thing right!



Saturday, 28 January 2012

My pink typewriter.......

I almost forgot to share a pic of my gorgeous pink typewriter!! When I saw these out there on the net, I knew I wanted one, I had loved my typewriter when I was little, but it wasn't pink!! A vintage display piece that is pretty but also functional, what's not to love!

I searched high and low for a pastel coloured one, raw as rocking horse poop here in the UK to say the least. Then I found one on Ebay and it was going to be mine.........a last minute bidding war ensued but I missed it my an inch as my computer froze on the last refresh press......NO!!! Why didn't I just put a much higher bid on it in the first place, I kicked myself. Adrian told me I would find another one, I knew that was slim. I was in a bit of a sulk I must admit, I was nursing my whiplash injury and a bit peeved that my car had been written off, so was hoping I'd win this to cheer me up. So I sent the seller a message to say that if the highest bidder changed their mind would she please consider contacting me as I really wanted it for a prop/guest book alternative at our wedding. A LONG SHOT!! Well the lady kindly contacted me straight away to say that her friend was bringing another one over from America in the next two weeks for her to sell and would I be interested in that one, would I ever!!!

So I am now the proud owner of this pretty piece. One day it will sit in my craft room/studio too! I had intended to have this there for guests to type a message on if they wanted to instead of writing in the guest book. However in my infinite wisdom I left it out to look at and the ribbon dried out!! Well if the item itself was rare, then the ribbons are just as much so, so I decided to have it as a prop on our guest book table. I suppose that saved the kiddos pounding it with their sticky mitts too, he he. We decorated this table with some photos of us as children and a framed message to our family and friends. This is where everyone left all our lovely cards and gifts, everyone was so generous, we were overwhelmed and couldn't believe how long it took us to open them all. We were very lucky newly weds indeed!

Just to give you a giggle this is me and the hubs as little 'uns!

I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I'm hoping to be back with the coloured maps soon, I left it too late to get a decent photograph today, I was also silly in the fact that I forgot to ask our wonderful photographers to take some of the invitations etc! Doh!



Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Love sweet Love!

Thank you to everyone that has been following my wedding posts and leaving such lovely comments, they make me smile!! Here is another little snippet.

I love sweets!! Who doesn't right?! It brings out the child in us all I think! So I knew I wanted a sweetie buffet at our wedding for guests to help themselves to. I collected some old fashioned jars, including an ado
rable apothercary jar to put them in, some little pink stripey bags and some scoops and of course the most important ingredient, the sweets; Jelly Belly jelly beans, marshmallows, liquorice allsorts, wine gums, flying saucers etc! It was a hit and went down well with the kiddies, young and old! he he. Cheryl did a fantastic job at displaying it all and she also used some of her gorgeous jars and pieces.

Then for the ladies I decided on a nice little treat, my mum had brought me a set of mini Cath Kidston hand creams and I remember thinking that these would make great favours, they were in such pretty packaging. I found somewhere to order them from in bulk and then make some little handbag shaped boxes to put them in, I used Papertrey Ink's Favour It Box die, some pretty Tilda papers and punched out a heart to decorate the front with the Martha Stewart large lattice heart punch.

We were going to get the men favours but figured that they would just prefer to have more beer on offer from Audrey the Caravan!

The kidd
ies also had a little goodie bag with some colouring bits and pieces etc in to keep them occupied, thanks to my lovely friend and bridesmaid Becky for organising these!

Left to share about our day is the little wedding maps that I had drawn for us and then coloured, the invitations I made and if anyone is interested our honeymoon to California!


Friday, 20 January 2012

I heart Audrey!!!

More wedding posts I hear you say....... but I just had to share Audrey, it would not be fair to keep her out of the spotlight when she is the star of the show!! Who or what is Audrey I hear you say......well she is a stunningly beautiful 1960's vintage caravan!! I was bowled over when I first discovered Audrey, I was in love with the little lady! Yes a girl crush, lol! How can you not find her sage green exterior and little stable door adorable and the inside is no disappointment with her extremely pretty floral fabrics and cushions. So so pretty and so cute. I knew I wanted Audrey as our guest of honour, he he!

I had found Audrey via the Midlands Vintage Chic Wedding Fair, I had searched their website prior to attending the fair with my mum and came across the
Vintage Glamour Days website, where there was the prettiest china and accessories you can hire and of course Audrey! I couldn't wait for the fair now, to enquire about her.

Audrey was used to serve our reception drinks from, lovely P
imms and Lemonade, beer for the men and old fashioned pop's for the kiddos. Cheryl and James did an amzing job with this, everyone was ready for refreshments when they arrived at the venue after the church ceremony and journey there! Audrey was also a lovely backdrop for some of our photo's and added that extra special something to our charming venue's courtyard. Cheryl did a fabulous job of decoarating the outside of Audrey too with lovely vintage props, bunting and a message on her little blackboard.

Adrian and I have nicknamed Cheryl Mary Poppin's or my fairy godmother! As she also saved the day with our wedding decorations, I had been collecting vintage china prior to meeting Cheryl and had hoped to get all that I needed, I also had a mad idea that I would be able to, with the help of some friends get the bunting sewn!! How wrong I was, both Adrian and myself were involved in car accidents that resulted in injuries and written off cars in the run up to the wedding, therefore this meant a great deal of our time was taken up with sorting insurance paperwork, being in pain, finding new cars etc, we were lucky the injuries were nothing too serious but it was all enough to put us behind. As you can imagine trawling charity and antique shops for these little treasures is fun but very time consuming. As we both work full time, had the planning to do, all the bits I wanted to make and I had started my own wedding stationery business and done a few wedding fairs, had orders to do etc, it was manic. I know I'm a crazy woman setting up a business at that time, but it just sort of happened and was something I had wanted to do for such a long time and I do not regret that one bit. Anyway enough rambling......

I made an 11th hour call to Cheryl as I had though I would have to go without bunting and china due to lack of time, I knew I had really pretty centre pieces, so tried to console myself with this. I did have some china and it would be such a shame not to use it. I thought I would ma
ke a call to Cheryl just to see if I could hire her beautiful pieces to finish it all off, I knew it was a long shot, but Cheryl was amazing, nothing was too much trouble, she said I could use whatever we needed and not only that she gave up her day the day before to come and help set up and decorate!! Boy, did we need that help, we knew it would all be a lot of work but had no idea how much. Cheryl even said to leave her to it for a few hours as I had other errands to run, I felt awful leaving her at the venue, but she insited she would be fine as this is what she did all the time. So off we went for a few hours, when we arrived back I was close to bursting into tears, she had transformed the marque, bless her, with her lovely bunting, lace table coverings and pretty china, it looked amazing!!! I could not believe she had done this in such a short space of time and put all the bunting up by herself!!! Hence being called Mary Poppins or my Fairy Godmother, it was just like she had worked her magic!

We can not thank Cheryl enough for her help and friendship, it overwhelmed us and we will be forever thankful for it. It took what would have been a lovely wedding to another level, into our dream day!! Everyone commented and was pleasently suprised by Audrey and all the vintage props, it went down really well. We can not recommend Vintage Glamour Days enough if you are planning a vintage themed wedding or party, Cheryl even serves afternoon tea from Audrey. A truly special and memorable treat that is totally unique. Thank you so so much Cheryl, James and of course not forgetting Miss Audrey!! We are blessed to call you our friends now too!

Oh how I could live in that little caravan...................


Again some of the photographs used her are by the fantastic
Source Images. Others were from Cheryl's - Vintage Glamour Days Facebook page, where there are more!

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Let them Eat Cake................

Our wedding cake was the most gorgeous cake we had ever seen, it also tasted pretty scrumptious too!! When I first saw Tracy's cakes I was completely in awe and fell in love with her creations. So there was no way I couldn't have a Cotton and Crumbs cake for our wedding!

Everything about them amazes me, the beautiful colours, the flowers that look so real, the attention to detail, the bows, pearls, cameo's and they are edible....cake heaven! I met with Tracy to discuss ideas for our cake and I had seen one of her birdcage cake creations, I knew this was the way to go with the birdcages theme emerging in our table decorations, invitations etc. We liked the three tier cakes but also loved the vintage style cupcakes, so we went with having a small three tier cake and some cupcakes, you only do it once right, so why not!!

Tracy then set about doing a sketch and describing the cake, I was bowled over, it looked and sounded fantastic. I could not wait till the day to see it and made sure Adrian and I sneaked into the marque before all our guests to look at the cake and everything decorated and laid out so lovely. It was better than we imagined and surpassed our expectations, the beautiful soft colours, the ribbon, lace, brooch, flowers and birdie, simply stunning, like a work of art. The cupcakes were gorgeous too, so so pretty. Our guest all commented on how wonderful they thought the cake was and when our friends emailed us pictures of the day, I think there were more of the cake than anything else, lol!

It looked too good to eat and we actually forgot to cut the cake!!! Seriously there is not the obligatory picture of us standing their knife in hand over the cake!! We were having so much fun when we arrived at the venue, we had a few photo's then went off to talk to our guests, our photographers would grab us after the meal to do our couple shots, so after the meal that's what we did, we went with them to have our pictures taken. Hence we didn't get to have any of the dessert buffet either, we were just so busy mingling and enjoying ourselves! The guest took the cupcakes home and we then brought the actual cake home and got to look at it for a day or two before leaving for honeymoon. Maybe forgetting to cut it was accidentally on purpose ;) instead our mum's cut it and gave it out after we left. The top two tiers were vanilla sponge and the bottom tier was fruit. The cupcakes were a mix of vanilla and lemon. Yum Yum!!

I also knew that there had to be lo
ts of cake and sweet things on offer for our quests, being a lover of these myself ;) so we decided upon a dessert table instead of a set dessert. Everyone had a starter and main course and then could help themselves to the dessert buffet. That way they could have it when they wanted and have a bit of everything if they fancied it! I basically raided Costco the day before the wedding (major stress alert, in trying to keep them all flat etc in the car and yet another thing to do but saved money and looked fab!) again I was lucky and had lots of help on hand that day. Costco do amazing large cakes, carrot cake, chocolate cake, cheese cakes, gateaux, Victoria sponge, you name it, all at bargain prices! We also brought cheese and biscuits for those who have less of a sweet tooth!

My little sister (well she's 25!), loves to bake, she kindly made lots and lots of cupcakes, they were so pretty and although I didn't get chance to taste one on the day they went down a storm! They looked cute on the cake stands with their lovely wrappers and sprinkles. Thanks Natalie for doing these for us, they helped our dessert table look so good! You are a star!

If you are interested in seeing more of Tracy's amazing creations, then check out her website or Facebook page, you won't be disappointed, they are all so beautiful. I can not recommend Tracy highly enough to anyone looking for a wedding or celebration cake, she is such a pleasure to work with. Tracy is also an inspiration to me for following her dreams and setting up her business whilst working full time and making it such a success that she is now doing what she loves full time.

Tracy is also running some classes over the coming months and I can't tell you how excited my sister and I are about attending the vintage boutique cupcake class, I'm new to cake decorating but if you are going to have a go, why not be taught by the best. It's in April, so watch this space to see what we have made. Below is a picture of what Tracy will be teaching us! Simply gorgeous! I better get practicing!

Thank you again for stopping by and indulging me with letting me tell more of our wedding story! It means a lot! Sorry if you are now craving cake :)


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Heavenly hydrangea

I hope I'm not boring anyone with the posts about the details of our wedding day, I do apologise if I am :-) However I just wanted to share these details and touches with you all as I enjoyed the planning and choosing these so much, as well as the crafting involved. I have a handful more posts and will get these on here this week as I have some time off work. Then I'll get back to some regular crafting posts etc! Today I thought I'd share some pictures of our order of service. They were kept simple and I stamped sheet music onto cream card, then stamped the hero arts hydrangea stamp and a fancy flourish stamp over the top. Simple yet effective, again I had more plans of things to do with these but when you have so many to do and limited time, it's definitely best to keep it simple. I absolutely love this hydrangea stamp and have used it for our thank you cards too, which I will share soon.

I choose the hydrangea for the order of service as these were the bridesmaids flowers, we also had a hydrangea wreath and some around the birdcage centre pieces on the tables. Definitely my most favourite flower, I love the fullness and the pretty colours, absolutely beautiful!

Our flowers were done my Karen and Gemma at Passion for Flowers, a lovely mother daughter team who were a pleasure to work with. The flowers were so pretty, simply beautiful. Although we had a limited budget for flowers they looked amazing and we were so pleased with them. As well as the hydgrangeas we also had some tea cup arrangements for the top table and some single roses in vintage inspired bottles. I would highly recommend Passion for Flowers if you are looking for wedding flowers. I collected lots of vintage china in the run up to our wedding and still have these pretty teacups etc, I'd love to have a go at doing an arrangement in one myself to have around the house, as they were so gorgeous!

Again these photographs are by our photographers - Source Images.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, it is much appreciated.


Friday, 13 January 2012

A little birdie ......

.... told me where to sit, lol! I saw this used as a table plan and had to have it, it was perfect as we had some birdcages for the tables and I planned to incorporate them into our invitations. I also thought I can use it afterwards to peg projects, cards, photos etc to, it will have pride of place when I have a craft room! (one day!).

I had lots of ideas on how to decorate it for our table plan but as this was done the night before, I decided, well had no choice really, if I wanted a few hours sleep, but to keep it simple! I therefore just printed the table plans out and mounted them onto gorgeous Tilda papers which again were perfect for our vintage, shabby chic theme theme. I think that simple was best in this instance as the birdcage and the papers did all the talking!

I did not just want to go with table numbers and had lots of ideas on what to use instead, thanks to wedding magazines and blogs but settled for something simple in the end. Our table names were inspiring and meaningful words, we choose, Love, Hope, Wish, Dream, Believe, Inspire, Honour, Cherish, Faith, Imagine and Blessings.

I had planned to do beautiful table names to place in the holders but this was one bite more than I could chew with the time I had unfortunately so they were just printed. A small regret as they would have been so pretty and another nice keepsake but in the grand scheme of things I had already made alot an
d there were lots of nice, personal touches, so it didn't matter. Just me
being a perfectioni
st! It was such a shame that I had had the car accident when I did as it put me behind with so much!

Again thanks you for your lovely comments on my last post, I really do have the nicest blogging friends :-) You are all so kind and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Plus I'll be sure to get my dad onto making some spools and will put them in my Etsy shop etc very soon. I also have a website coming soon and will be selling all sorts of lovely gifts, homeware and decor on there, I have some fab trade accounts aquired already, one with the company that made this table plan, so I will hopefully have these in the online boutique if you are interested in something to hang your craft projects on!

Thank you for visiting!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Cute little spools!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post about my bouquet, so sweet of you, they really made my day :-)

I completely blame my friend Debb
ie for this one!! I wanted something a little different for our place names, something our family and friends could take home and keep if they wanted to, a momento of the day. When Debbie still owned Stampeezee, I went there for some supplies one day and she said I have something to show you, it was an issue of Somerset Life that had the most gorgeous little cotton spools, with flags on for place names! I was smitten, I had to have these on our tables, they were so cute and very in keeping with our vintage theme.

By the way if you haven't already checked out the Stampington publications, especially Somerset Life then I would highly rec
ommend them, so jam packed pull of prettiness, it will make your eyes hurt!! They will definitely inspire you, a must if you love vintage, shabby chic style crafts. I am now collecting all the back issues as well as it now being a quarterly must have. It's more of a book than a magazine.

I then searched high and low to find the right spools to no avail, they were either way too small, too big or just too expensive when you needed 90 odd of them, plus the other supplies! Then enter my wonderful and very talented Dad to the resue! He had started wood turning a few months earlier and had all the tools, so I showed him the picture in the book and he said he would see what he could do!

A few weeks later my dad then said would these do, wow, he had turned some spools for me and they were perfect, just the right size and they looked amazing. Even better to know that my Dad had made them and from a branch from a tree near their house! Being made this way meant that they all had a different individual woodgrain and colour, simply gorgeous! The only sticking point was wh
en my Dad asked how many I needed and replied 96!! Yes, we were only having a small wedding but these things esculate!! Poor Dad then set about making them, they took forever bless him, but he did it for us, so a huge thank you to my Dad for all his hard work and talent. He really is someone who can turn their hand to anything and be good at it, a true inspiration to me. Watch this space as I also have some gifts my Dad made us to show off! Sorry proud daughter moment!

Anyway once they were all turned it was then the task of figuring out how we were going to decorate them, then cue Debbie, offering her help and her house for the night to my production team of helpers! Being my mum, Auntie Janice, two of my best friends and bridesmaids, Gemma and Daniela. Debbie had us all descend on her and Pete and he even made us our dinner. A huge thank you to you both for your help and kindness and everyone else for your help and support too! I really do have the best family and friends! These spools would never have been finished otherwise, it was another down to the wire job as I had to wait for my dad to turn them first before decorating them. All very time consuming!

Debbie and I worked on these whilst everyone else helped with the order of services and favour boxes! We wired the little flags and put beads on them, then hot glue gunned them into the spools, we then attached the little card flags and viola, cute little spools just waiting for some ribbon, lace or twine to
be wrapped around and names put onto flags! Which was supposed to be a fairly quick job, I'll never think that again, it was again time consuming, I was rescued once again my my wonderful mum and sister for the ribbon/lace wrapping and Gemma for adding the names. What would I have done without you lot?!

Anyway enough of the rambling. I loved them and was so pleased another of my crazy ideas had come off! Please note that no family members or friends were harmed in this production, although they way be scarred for life or still be nursing a repeatitive strain injury, lol!!

I have quite a few spools left over and of course I can always ask Dad to do some more ;-) so you may just find some other little creations using them appearing on here soon! I may also pop some plain spools in my Etsy shop for anyone looking for some to decorate.

Thank you for stopping by,


Saturday, 7 January 2012

Bouquet of dreams.............

I knew I wanted to be able to keep my bridal bouquet, I'm a sentimental girl at heart and although I love flowers, the thought of the ones I have on my wedding day wilting away was not good, however I did not want artificial flowers. I searched around the internet and came across the beautiful vintage brooch and button bouquets that were being made by many talented crafters out there. I did contemplate ordering one from a company that makes them, but there was one thing stopping me, the price tag. Not that they did not look worth it, it's just that we had a budget and were trying to stick to it, we had already added a few things that we had not budgeted for so I had second thoughts about it. Then it struck me........maybe I could make one?!?! Well why not have a go, what did I have to lose?! I googled and found some hints and tips, then found somewhere to get supplies from. I then searched antique and charity shops for some old brooches etc and started collecting bits and pieces. This was quite exciting! My mum also gave me some pieces of jewellery of hers and my Nan's to put in my bouquet which made it extra special and was a lovely way to honour my nan and feel like she was close to me on the day. My Auntie also gave me a silver shoe from here wedding cake which I wired in, it was great as these were my something old too. I wore my Nan's wedding ring on my right hand as my something borrowed and had a blue cameo in the bouquet as something blue, needless to say there were lots of new things ;-) any excuse to shop!! lol. There are also beads, buttons, little fabric flowers and gems in there as well as brooches, ribbon and lace. My mum and dad then told a friend of ours in Greece who makes jewellery about it and she kindly made me some pieces to incorporate into it, they were beautiful and gave me a good clue on how to go about wiring it together. Thanks Denise!

Then I got really busy and w
as thinking I was running out of time and maybe I'll just have to have flowers, they are beautiful after all. But I really wanted my sparkly pretty vintage bouquet to keep, so with only a few weeks to go to the day I set about wiring bits together like a mad woman! Then our lovely neighbour, an ex-florist helped me put it together into a posy shape and there I had it, my beautiful keepsake bouquet! I was so so pleased with it and couldn't wait to see how it went with my dress on the day.

I had so many admirers of my bouquet on the day and it went with my dress and accessories perfectly. I'm so pleased that I made this myself, be it with some help as it was such a nice sense of achievement and saved a lot of money too! I really enjoyed putting it together and definitely feel another hobby coming on, I have so many ideas on how to use these pretty jewels etc, thanks to Pinterest! I would love to have a go at a wreath sometime this year!

I put this on my stand at my last wedding fair as I thought I may as well offer to make these as well as my stationery and had lots of lovely comments and hav
e an order for one already! So watch this space to see more creations like this in the future. I'm like a magpie now looking out for pretty sparkly bits and vintage buttons etc on my travels and I am loving starting a collection of these.

Please see my bouquet
page in the sidebar if you are interested in ordering one of these for your wedding, as I have added some information there. Please note that these images are copyright of Source Images Photography.

My bouquet now sits pride of place on the dresser in my lounge, it brings back memories of our happy, dreamy day and will be treasured for years to come.

Thank you for stopping by, wishi
ng you a bouquet of dreams come true!

Monday, 2 January 2012


Happy New Year! May 2012 bring you good health and lots of happiness! I do not know where 2011 went! I literally flew by for us, it was such a happy yet busy year! We planned our wedding, had an amazing wedding day and honeymoon and I started my little business. So many happy memories and good times I was sad to say goodbye to 2011, however I am filled with excitement and anticipation for what 2012 will bring! It is wonderful to be starting the year as husband and wife. I have so many plans and ideas for my little business and hobby too, I'm literally bursting with them after not having much time to focus on this or to just create for fun last year.

My mantra for this year is strive, believe, achieve! I will strive to reach my goals and dreams, to make them a reality. I realise that I will have to work hard, stay positive and motivated to achieve this and I am willing to do jus
t that. I will also believe that these things can and will happen, as if you have no belief in yourself or your abilities then it is hard to flourish! This along with support and encouragement from my family and friends should set me on the right path! I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne last year and this book has really helped me to think more positive and focus on what I want to achieve and believe in myself. I would recommend this book to anyone!!

Wishing you a very creative and happy New Year!