Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Let them Eat Cake................

Our wedding cake was the most gorgeous cake we had ever seen, it also tasted pretty scrumptious too!! When I first saw Tracy's cakes I was completely in awe and fell in love with her creations. So there was no way I couldn't have a Cotton and Crumbs cake for our wedding!

Everything about them amazes me, the beautiful colours, the flowers that look so real, the attention to detail, the bows, pearls, cameo's and they are edible....cake heaven! I met with Tracy to discuss ideas for our cake and I had seen one of her birdcage cake creations, I knew this was the way to go with the birdcages theme emerging in our table decorations, invitations etc. We liked the three tier cakes but also loved the vintage style cupcakes, so we went with having a small three tier cake and some cupcakes, you only do it once right, so why not!!

Tracy then set about doing a sketch and describing the cake, I was bowled over, it looked and sounded fantastic. I could not wait till the day to see it and made sure Adrian and I sneaked into the marque before all our guests to look at the cake and everything decorated and laid out so lovely. It was better than we imagined and surpassed our expectations, the beautiful soft colours, the ribbon, lace, brooch, flowers and birdie, simply stunning, like a work of art. The cupcakes were gorgeous too, so so pretty. Our guest all commented on how wonderful they thought the cake was and when our friends emailed us pictures of the day, I think there were more of the cake than anything else, lol!

It looked too good to eat and we actually forgot to cut the cake!!! Seriously there is not the obligatory picture of us standing their knife in hand over the cake!! We were having so much fun when we arrived at the venue, we had a few photo's then went off to talk to our guests, our photographers would grab us after the meal to do our couple shots, so after the meal that's what we did, we went with them to have our pictures taken. Hence we didn't get to have any of the dessert buffet either, we were just so busy mingling and enjoying ourselves! The guest took the cupcakes home and we then brought the actual cake home and got to look at it for a day or two before leaving for honeymoon. Maybe forgetting to cut it was accidentally on purpose ;) instead our mum's cut it and gave it out after we left. The top two tiers were vanilla sponge and the bottom tier was fruit. The cupcakes were a mix of vanilla and lemon. Yum Yum!!

I also knew that there had to be lo
ts of cake and sweet things on offer for our quests, being a lover of these myself ;) so we decided upon a dessert table instead of a set dessert. Everyone had a starter and main course and then could help themselves to the dessert buffet. That way they could have it when they wanted and have a bit of everything if they fancied it! I basically raided Costco the day before the wedding (major stress alert, in trying to keep them all flat etc in the car and yet another thing to do but saved money and looked fab!) again I was lucky and had lots of help on hand that day. Costco do amazing large cakes, carrot cake, chocolate cake, cheese cakes, gateaux, Victoria sponge, you name it, all at bargain prices! We also brought cheese and biscuits for those who have less of a sweet tooth!

My little sister (well she's 25!), loves to bake, she kindly made lots and lots of cupcakes, they were so pretty and although I didn't get chance to taste one on the day they went down a storm! They looked cute on the cake stands with their lovely wrappers and sprinkles. Thanks Natalie for doing these for us, they helped our dessert table look so good! You are a star!

If you are interested in seeing more of Tracy's amazing creations, then check out her website or Facebook page, you won't be disappointed, they are all so beautiful. I can not recommend Tracy highly enough to anyone looking for a wedding or celebration cake, she is such a pleasure to work with. Tracy is also an inspiration to me for following her dreams and setting up her business whilst working full time and making it such a success that she is now doing what she loves full time.

Tracy is also running some classes over the coming months and I can't tell you how excited my sister and I are about attending the vintage boutique cupcake class, I'm new to cake decorating but if you are going to have a go, why not be taught by the best. It's in April, so watch this space to see what we have made. Below is a picture of what Tracy will be teaching us! Simply gorgeous! I better get practicing!

Thank you again for stopping by and indulging me with letting me tell more of our wedding story! It means a lot! Sorry if you are now craving cake :)



GEMMA said...

The cake was just so beautiful! I even still have a cupcake sat on my desk as I just couldn't bring myself to eat it. Granted, I won't eat it now but it still looks as perfect as it did on the day! xx

Mona L. Pendleton said...

YUM Katrina! Pure eye candy :)

Stephanie said...

Just when I think it can't get any better! You should submit photo's of your wedding to all the wedding magazines Katrina....I guarantee you'll get published :) xxx

Kit said...

such a gorgeous cake and those cupcakes are so elegant. I love how they have a nice vintage look to them

Kerry said...

Hi Katrina,

Your cake is just gorgeous. I am loving your wedding photos, it's so nice to see what other people come up with. Your wedding looked so pretty and vintage!!

Love Kerry xxx