Thursday, 10 November 2011

The coolest wedding photograghers......

........ in all the land! I wanted to give a huge shout out in this post to our ah-mazing wedding photographers, Jordan and Ines Banks of Source Images.

It was a daunting task finding the right photographers as we wanted some relaxed images that would capture our big day as it unfolded. We did not want lots of posed group shots as this eats into a huge chunk of the d
ay which we knew our guest would much rather spend having a cold beverage or two! We aslo knew that these photos would be something that provided a lasting memory of the day, so we wanted to be happy with them.

Then ensued much searching on the net, hours and hours of pouring through photographers websites and I knew that I would know when I found then, I'm one of those intuitive types (I get a feeling in my waters, you know what I mean!!).

I then discovered wedding blogs, probably a bit of a mistake really! As I spent hours and hours on them getting inspiration for W-day! Then I found the Rock My Wedding blog, seen our photographers work on there and the rest as they say, is history!

My search was over, or was it, I had to convince the hubs to be now! I got some info from the dynamic duo that are Source Images and we set up a meeting in their funky little studio in Cookham. A nice part of the world if you haven't been down to that neck of the woods!

On the way down in the car, Adrian said to me, their work looks fab, but I know what you are like, don't commit yourself staight away, we can come away and think about it you know (yeah, yeah, whatever, but I did think I better behave to avoid a telling off on the way home!).

We sat for ages chatting and looking through their past work, it was AMAZING!! The most stunning images we had seen, crystal clear and so emotive. They really seemed to capture something special from their end of the lens. Well Adrian was sold too as we hadn't been there long when he said we definately want to book you guys!!! What?!! I thought we were supposed to come away and discuss?!!? ha ha. I was over the moon that he loved them too. Also a huge job completed towards the wedding to do list, and a major score as they were the first and only photographers we m
et with, so much time saved too.

We ended up in the pub drinking and chatting for a while, they were so easy to get along with, we just knew that we would feel comfortable with them on the day, and lets face it, that is an improtant element when they would be there all day on one of the most momentous in our lives.

They have been great to work with and we are so happy with our images from the day, they are awesome, there are literally over a thousand photographs, can you believe it! So many special moments, I love how they managed to capture the atmoshere and feel of the day, our guests enjoying themselves and some fun ones of Adrian and myself! They have made us one happy pair of newly-weds! A huge massive thank you to Jordan and Ines, you are two very talented photographers, you
two most definately ROCK!! You worked so hard on the day and in producing such great images, we really are over the moon with them! We can't thank you enough. We will have one fantastic album that's for sure!

Please check out their blog post with the images from our wedding
here. If you do stop by their blog please leave them some love as they deserve a big pat on the back!! Also it would be great if you went over and liked their Facebook page too. We really can't recommend them highly enough if you or anyone you know is getting married!

Thanks for indulging me in more wedding whittering, sorry folks, but there is more to come too, I'm lining the posts up as we speak!!