Wednesday, 6 July 2011


Hello there, sorry for my absence from here. It's been a bit trying around here since my last post. Adrian came back from his Stag weekend a bit worse for wear, I thought it was all down to partying too hard, he had a temperature of 38.9 though and I thought that I would have to take him to the walk in centre or hospital, but he refused to go (awkward patient!!) so Nurse Katrina here had to look after him at home, I was worried sick, but at least being a nurse I had an idea of what to do! A few days later though he had to go to the doctors as he had an upset stomach, turns out he had gastroenteritis! He is better now thankfully.

However just as he was better, I was tootling around in my car on the way to a hairdressers appointment and some idiot going too fast just after we had heavy rain went into the back of my car!! I have had awful whiplash and my car has been written off! I could really have done without this on the run up to the wedding!! Those of you that follow my blog will remember that someone went into Adrian's car on the M1 in February and wro
te his car off too, and prior to this we were both involved in an accident just over 18 months ago! I can't believe it! My back had improved slightly but has been awful the last few days, got to have physio now.

Anyway not much to share with you, I am so b
ehind with our invitations etc at the moment, so frantically trying to get those done, think I may be taking some friends up on their offers of help now! I will share them here with you when I have them done. I love how they are turning out!

I thought I would tell you about my love of Pinterest though, for those of you w
ho don't know about this amazing site, it is a place with millions of photos of all sorts of things, you can build inspiration boards with pictures that you find inspiring or useful etc from around the web, you can also follow peoples boards on there and repin other peoples pictures. I love it and have quite a few inspiration boards now. I would really recommend checking it out and if you need an invitation to join just give me a shout and I'll send you one via email. Here are a few of my favourite inspiring pictures this week .

Via Pinterest

Utterly dreamy and inspiring right?! Makes me want to take a picnic, buy some beautiful blooms and send beautiful vintage inspired stationery! It feeds my love of all things vintage and shabby chic!

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