Saturday, 11 June 2011

First large order completed - yipeee!

Well what a rubbishy (is that a word, if it is it's probably spelt wrong anyway!) few weeks!! I ended up having my wisdom tooth out following a trip to the dentist after my last post, then it got infected, then I got a horrible virus, which Adrian then got too, then got better, then tooth ache etc flared up again, ended up referred to the hospital urgently due to a suspicious lump on the roof of my mouth, which was slightly worrying, thankfully they think it's a blocked salivary gland. I feel much better in myself now, had been so tired for weeks, however my mouth is not healed yet, more inflammation and ulcers, yuck!

Right enough of the moaning! Whilst feeling grotty last weekend I managed to complete my first big order of wedding statio
nery, whoop whoop!! It was a big task, all did not go smoothly on the way, think companies discontinuing products, trying to find alternatives, then being unwell and then major technical gremlins stopping the printer from working just as I needed to print all the inserts etc!! Thankfully I had a really lovely, understanding customer, thanks Cara and I got there in the end. I was really pleased with how they turned out and I'm over the moon to say that so were the Bride and Groom, they have had some amazing feedback too, one of their friends even called them EPIC!!! I was so happy to I can tell you!

I thought I would shar
e some photo's with you. They are not the best photos at all, a rushed job as I was down to the wire and the happy couple were on there way to pick them up! I will however share some better photos soon, as I have other parts of the order to complete and will be making a few more of these.

The last photo is them all piled up ready for collection. I did 70 daytime invites in presentation boxes with tissue paper and RSVP's and 25 evening! The heat embossing on that many was probably not my best idea ever as it took way longer than expected, but it did look lovely and was well worth it in the end. I have their order of services, place cards, menu cards and table plan cards to do for July, so I will share those with you once they are done. Thanks to Cara and Jonathan for their custom, patience and understanding and their lovely feedback!

Right now, I'm waaaay behind with our wedding invites so I better get to work right away on those, looking forward to doing them now! Adrian is on his Stag weekend in Budapest so I have some peace and quiet ;-) I'm sure they will have a fantastic time, 16 of them have gone, I have a feeling it could get messy! lol.

Have a wonderful weekend!