Sunday, 4 July 2010

New Stash!!!

As promised a pic of the new stash I got in Florida! I don't want to use it, it's too pretty! I'm going to force myself to use it through, don't want to hoard supplies for the sake of it, I'm terrible at doing that. The whole idea of buying it is to create something nice with it, so that I will try to do. Not pictured is the 7 gypsies printers tray (I can't wait to do something with that, but knowing me it will still be sitting there in months to come!) that I got and some Kraft gift bags to decorate. I also got PTI cardstock which I didn't photograph with the PTI stuff! Doh. I think half the reason us girls are love crafting is the shopping for supplies, it's so much fun!! And I certainly did have fun picking out this little lot! Believe me there were hundreds of other bits I would have liked to have brought back but time and purse strings wouldn't allow, that and the baggage allowance!!

I know what you really want to see is some projects using it all, I'll work on that in the coming weeks!! I've had to find a home for this lot first, not easy when you live in a small cottage! I've also been sorting through my photographs and trying to get some system together to organise them and get some printed, this includes my holiday snaps. I'm hoping to do some scrapbooking soon too, as I'm way behind on that! I will attempt to put a little slideshow on here of my holiday pictures, I'm not great at technical things though so we'll see!! ha ha.



~amy~ said...


Kras said...

Miracle-miracle / / / /
We look forward to traveling by boat to arrive with us

Clare *Littlebear* said...

Hi Katrina,
You've bought some gorgeous stash!
I have to agree, I think sometimes my love of crafting has more to do with the shopping than the crafting as I seem to do far more shopping than crafting!
Have a great week.
Clare x

Contented Caroline said...

Jeez - did you take an extra case to bring that lot home!!!! Hope you enjoy - good to see you Saturday must get together soon.

Larisa said...

Oh!!!!!!!! I wish I had a half of this pile of so beautiful goods at least )) You are a lucky girl! Enjoy this!
Hugs. Larisa.