Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Florida snaps!!

I have had a go at doing a little slideshow of a few of our holiday snaps, we took over 300, but I won't bore you with those! ha ha! I was trying to be good as well as I have a tendancy to get snap happy, on our last trip there I took over 500, so I have improved!! My little sis took her camera as well so it will be fun to see her snaps too. Now I've saved them all to my computer and done this slideshow I need to get some printed and get scrapbooking. I also like to put a few in frames around my home, I love being surrounded by photos of loved ones and happy times!

Thanks for stopping by,



bonnie said...

Oh I soo enjoyed that little slideshow...you look adorable...and there were a few bits that I missed while I was there which you captured!! You sure take lots of pics!! I kept forgetting...I'm not great at that! Looking at your though I wish I had. I hardly took any in the parks this time....I used the photopass photographers when I could but I need a new camera so when I get one I can get snap happy too!! Thanks for sharing sweetie...hugs, BOnnie xx

Stephanie said...

Hi Honey!!!! LOVED your pictures, what a wonderful time you had (some made me laugh out loud haha) Also clicked on your stash picture so I could get a close look at all the lush goodies you brought back *drool* & looks like you've brought the sunshine back with you too - thanks ;) haha xxx

Esme said...

Ahhh love the photos!!! Brings back so many happy memories of going to Florida. Never could get enough of those theme parks!!

Esme xx