Friday, 11 June 2010

Greetings from Sunny Florida!!!!

I know, I'm supposed to be holiday, but there is internet access here at the gorgeous Tuscana resort where we are staying, I was just popping on to check the status of my PTI order and I couldn't resist saying hi!! I left on a sad note but just wanted to say that this holiday was just what the doctor ordered and thank you all for your lovely messages, you are all so kind! The weather is glorious so far, it's scorching hot! We have visited some of the parks, lounged by the pool, I've even managed a spot of shopping at Michael's craft store!! Well gotta go, so much to fit in so little time!! It is going too fast, I love it here in the USA and want to stay! I'll be back soon though with photos etc, hope you are all well and I'll check in on your blogs etc soon.

Wishing you sunshine wherever you are!

Katrina xx


GEMMA said...

So happy to read this from you, you deserved a lovely break and it sounds like that's what you're having. Also loving that you were checking the status of the pti order, whoop!! Looking forward to catching up when you're home xxx

bonnie said...

Hi Katrina...sad to hear about your Auntie...I'm so sorry for your sad loss...your Auntie will be dancing with the angels! I've just got back from Florida too...we would have been there the same time as eachother! I too ordered PTI to be delivered to my hotel...that was exciting along with Hallmark Scrapbook and a shopping spree in Michael's....I had a great time too and loved every minute of very hot!! Catch up with you on your return...hugs to you sweetie and get some well deserved rest! Bonnie xoxox