Sunday, 14 February 2010

Love is in the air

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you are all feeling loved today.

Now Adrian and myself are not ones to go over the top on Valentines, not because we don't like a bit of romance but because we like to treat each other spontaneously and don't feel we need to do it on a set day. That being said we usually do get each other a card or little token. This year Adrian said lets not bother, which was fine by me, but then a knock came at the door this morning and he had ordered 12 long stem red roses to be delivered! They are beautiful and were completely unexpected! He is a little monkey but I do love him so much! Apologies for the poor quality photo, I'll take another tomorrow when it's light, they are now displayed in a flower jug too.

So then I was in a panic as I had got nothing for him! So a trip to tesco later and I made him his favourite steak dinner, not bad for my first time cooking steak if I do say so myself! Then I had a go at making the coconut and cherry bake for dessert that was week 5 recipe challenge over on Debbie's fantastic blog, country heart and home. It turned out nice, so thanks again to Debbie for another fab recipe.

Now I better finish a presentation I need to do for a course on Tuesday, it's giving me a headache, to say the least! I'm more of a hands on girl than an academic! Think all the cooking and baking were diversion tactics, I used to be the same at Uni, I'd always find something else that needed doing or that just couldn't wait when I had assignments to write! Maybe the freezer now needs defrosting.............ROFL!

I've had a lovely weekend, on Friday Adrian treated us to a meal at TGI's (love the food there!) as he had some good news regarding his job that he wanted to fill me in on, I'm so very proud of him for doing so well in his chosen career in such a short space of time. Then I had quite a lazy Saturday morning, followed by housework!

Hope you have had a great weekend. Don't they just go so quickly! I'll announce my blog candy winner tomorrow evening so check back then.

Big Hugs,


Clare said...

Hi Katrina,
Your flowers are beautiful and your coconut and cherry bake looks scrummy.
Good luck with the presentation on Tuesday.
Clare x

bonnie said...

You lucky sweet...the roses look beautiful Katrina and that cake looks devine...I must give that a try! Hugs ti you, Bonnie :) x