Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Feelin' tired!

Hello blogging friends, sorry I haven't much to share with you, I've not been very creative the last few days as I'm feeling tired. I've been quite busy lately and seem to be going to bed later and later and for some reason seem to wake ages before the alarm (and having bizarre dreams), which is so annoying! Work is busy and I can't seem to get on top of that to do list! Housework seems to be piling up too! One good thing though is that my presentation is now out the way and it went well! I now have an online self directed course to do! The joys of career progression eh?! I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end when I feel confident in my new role as Colorectal Nurse. I've got a few cards and projects that I'm working on but can't share them yet as they are for upcoming birthdays etc and don't want the recipients to see them here first, so will wait to post them just in case they stop by.

Just thought I'd share a better pic of those gorgeous roses Adrian got me, they are beautiful and go lovely in my living room! I can't wait for lighter evenings and better weather though now, don't know about you?! The natural light also helps with taking better pics especially if you are photographically challenged like me! lol.

Hope you are having a good week so far!



bonnie said...

Such Beautiful flowers Katrina and what a gorgeous it! You home looks gorgeous btw! :) Bonnie x

Esme said...

Hi Katrina
Glad to hear the presentation went well. Sounds like a pretty busy week! I've not been getting to sleep very easily (hence it's midnight and I'm blogging), but with me it's the job hunt keeping me awake I think, with the odd crazy dream thrown in when I do finally get to sleep!
Hope you sleep better tonight!

Esme x

Contented Caroline said...

Hello Katrina - those flowers are gorgeous, lucky you. I'm glad your presentation went well - i'll bet you stressed over that one. Hope you manage to get some quality sleep soon - it's nearly the weekend.
Caroline xx