Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Under the weather!

Hi all, I haven't abandoned my New Years goals already of creating and blogging more, I've come down with the dreaded lurgy! Flu like symptoms of fever, sore throat and head, aches and pains. Not good, so just resting! Poor Adrian is ill with bronchitis, which started at the weekend, so I was playing nurse maid to him, now we are both unwell, so we make a right pair! Good job I got the shopping and logs in on Saturday, especially now the weather has got worse.

Be safe if you are out and about in these conditions! Hopefully we will be back fighting fit soon.

Hugs (not that you would want them at the moment!)


Clare said...

I hope you both get well soon. I've got bronchitis and it's not nice.
Stay indoors and keep warm.
Hugs, Clare x

Contented Caroline said...

Poor you two!! I've had bronchitis before and it was horrible so can understand how poor Adrian must be feeling - it's awful to be ill at this time when you're probably eager to get with you resolutions. Stay safe, keep warm and drink lots - if you need anything at all - let me know I will be happy to help. Love Caroline xxxx

lil-paper-pixie said...

Hope you both get better soon, sending hugs. Keep snuggled up in your sweet little cottage.



Gracie said...

Both get well soon Katrina!
See you on Thursday i cant wait!

Elaine said...

Katrina, just want to wish you well! I've been under the weather for more than a week and it stinks...I feel horrible! :( I hope you are better soon, my dear! hugs, Elaine :)

mycraftypatch said...

SORRY you and Adrian aren't very well. Stay in, keep warm and get well soon!!!
Hugs Sonia xxx