Thursday, 21 January 2010

Recipe challenge!

Debbie, the domestic goddess here in blogland, aka Country Heart and Home is running a year long recipe challenge this year. Which was music to my ears as one of my new year aims was to experiment with cooking and bake more! Each week she will cook up fabulous delights and provide a shopping list and tutorial, to help us less goddess like mortals find some inspiration in the kitchen! There is also a facebook page and a recipe box tutorial! I haven't had chance to join in yet but just had to this week when I saw that the recipe was crunchy topped lemon cake! I LOVE lemon cake! I love baking too but had such a busy time last year that I didn't have chance, so this is the first cake I've baked in my own home, my mixing bowl, scales etc have finally been christened!!! yay!! Hopefully this will be the first of many to come!

Well they look far from perfect (Martha Stewart needn't worry just yet!) but they taste good! I made a basic cake and some cup cakes too.

Huge thanks to Debbie for her hard work in doing this and for giving me the nudge I needed to spend a little more time in the kitchen. Now just need to invest in an electric mixer.........
I feel another spending addiction coming on.....not good, lol!!!



Debbie said...

PMSL im flattered, Nigella doesnt need to worry yet though i still have 49 more recipes to get through before i stop sitting in front of the oven watching the cakes rise - yep its a sad sad addiction! LOL

The cakes look fab and i hope you enjoyed them :)


HazelQ said...

MMm that cake looks yummy!! I think they look perfect ;)

Carmen said...

Oooh yours rose so well. Mine is baking right now. Smells delicious. It's a brilliant challenge isn't it?

bonnie said...

Oh my that cake looks so delicious I'm gonna have to try that one! Bonnie :) x

kanishk said...

The cakes look fab and i hope you enjoyed them

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