Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Christmas and New Year Wishes

Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I wanted to post before Christmas but life got so hectic! The run up to Christmas is always a busy time and with us just buying our own home this year was no exception. Everything got done in the end, well almost everything! Is it just me or did Christmas pass by so fast this year! We had a lovely time and I have enjoyed what I could around my shifts at work. I love Christmas and and get excited every year. I am thankful for having a wonderful fiance, family and friends to share this special time with, certainly a time to count your blessings! Well just a quick post to check in, I will hopefully be back to making some cards etc soon, had some lovely new stamps for Christmas and can't wait to ink them up. Have got a few birthdays around the corner to make cards for, so I better get started soon. I had so many plans for posting Christmas cards etc but was just too busy, as I'm new to blogging I won't be too hard on myself, better luck next year! Already looking forward to next Christmas as it will be our first Christmas in our new home and the first one that we will spend completely together! Anyway, I hope that 2009 is a happy, healthy year full of dreams come true for you and yours. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog this year and really hope you visit in the New Year as I have lots of plans and ideas for craft projects etc etc! In the meantime enjoy the last day of the year and making those New Years resolutions!
With love,
P.S Thank you to everyone for my lovely Christmas presents.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

At Last!

At long last we have the keys to our first home! We could finally let ourselves in the front door on Saturday, and what a great feeling it was too! It is a charming little cottage dating back to around 1820 in the lovely village of Brinklow. We couldn't really wish for a better first home, it's small, but it's ours. I like the feel and the character to the property, however there is a lot of work to do! It has not been easy getting to this point there has been lots of ups and downs and stresses and even money lost but in the end things work out for the best. Been a long time coming since we first started looking but worth the wait. It is so exciting deciding what to do to the place and make it our own. Really feels like a dream come true especially as it will mean living with Adrian at long last, seven years we have been together now. Adrian has always lived in Birmingham and I've lived in Coventry, so trying to see each other around shifts at work has not always been easy, but we love each other and have made it work. I feel so blessed to have found my soul mate and now to have a lovely home to start our lives together in. I will be sad to leave my family home though as this is where I've grown up and been with my family all these years, lots of happy memories. I know it will be the same for Adrian too. Our families have given us lots of help and support throughout our lives especially with this new venture in our lives, for this we are extremely grateful. We are so lucky to have this kind of support. Looking forward to moving in but won't be until after Christmas now as need to do lots of work to our little place. Also thought it would be nice to have one last Christmas living at home too. Well it's been a busy week so far, trying to finish cards, Christmas shopping, wrapping etc. Also doing things with our new house. Will be putting the Christmas trees and decorations up at home tonight with my mum, after I've been to meet a fellow crafter (who is interested in Stampin' Up) for a coffee. Hopefully will have some cards or projects to share with you soon. Full of cold today and have a sore throat, think it must be all the excitement! (could do without it as so busy, the weather has a lot to answer for!).

Can't believe it's December already, I love this time of year and it's extra special at the moment as we have something else to celebrate too. Hope you all enjoy the countdown to Christmas and like the little countdown tree I've put on my blog! Sorry for long post but am just so happy that we have the keys to our own home at last!